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High Sensitivity Phosphate Test Kit

High Sensitivity Phosphate Test Kit

Right from the beginning of setting up an aquarium the management of phosphate is of paramount importance. Phosphates enter the aquarium through make up water and foods fed to fish and corals. Once in the aquarium they fuel nuisance algae's and retard or even poison the growth of hard corals. To achieve growth that approaches that of coral in the wild phosphate needs to well managed. Even low levels will inhibit growth, the result is that often many costly resources such as light and water movement are all added to enhance growth will be wasted.

Measurement and detection of phosphate has up till know been through lower quality test kits produced to cost rather than a detection standard. The only alternative for the dedicated has been expensive lab grade kits that offer high sensitivity but also the cost.

The new high sensitivity phosphate test kit goes a good way to squaring that circle offering lab grade performance at a more realistic price. This new test kit rather than offering the ever lightening shade of blue that becomes almost impossible to detect without an electronic colorimeter, changes hue to give a very clear set of low level readings.

A welcome advance

100 tests per kit

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